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What we are doing:

Closed trainings

HOLIS trainers are practitioners with business experience in the scope of HR and business processes management. Learn more...


Open trainings

HOLIS trainers implement open trainings in the scope of improvement of personal and professional skills of the individuals and employees... Learn more...



The aim of the coaching is to develop the natural potential of the Client according to the aims created together with his or her coach. Learn more...


Psychological support

HOLIS psychologists are experienced practitioners who help their Clients in the scope of solving psychological problems and the improvement of the quality of Client’s life. Learn more...

What is so special about us:

We are a group of experts and practitioners in the scope of development of individuals and employees of enterprises and institutions. Our goal is to support the development of soft and hard skills of people, who want to benefit consciously from their potential.


We do believe that human being is a system which operates correctly only when it uses its natural resources and gains abilities which develop its own potential.


That is why our name is HOLIS Psychological Development Centre.


The above goal is achieved by conducting of open and closed training sessions, individual coaching and psychological counseling.


We also cooperate with experts who support conscious development from such domains as: nutritionists, fitness trainers and professional instructors of sport disciplines who achieved many triumphs in Olympic and world championships in winter and team sports.


Human being is a multi-dimensional structure.


So think about the direction of your development with HOLIS Psychological Development Centre.


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